10-Minute Intro to Digital Activism [Video]

Today I gave a remote talk to an undergrad digital communications class at Loyola University Chicago.  It’s a pretty good intro to digital activism, so I am posting it below.  Thanks to the instructor, Richelle Rogers, who invited me to speak and, as a former journalist, and came up with great topic questions for me.

Sections of the video:

  1. Introducing myself (1:09)
  2. What is digital activism?: An easy definition and an academic one (1:40)
  3. Digital identity on the web and the role it plays in activism?: The online disinhibition effect (2:20)
  4. How digital activism manifests on the internet?: mass self-communication, coordination, evasion (4:54)
  5. Famous cases that made a difference: Egypt’s Arab Spring and Kony 2012 (7:44)
  6. How activism may evolve as the web becomes more accessible: Rise of the mobile net (10:00)

Please be patient with the occasional technical glitches.

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