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I’ve been thinking about the Black Lives Matter action last weekend and the horrifying response by many progressives in attendance.   It was angry, intolerant, ugly, and – yes – racist.

Bernie Sanders responded with irritation.  But the largely white crowd was far uglier in their hostility to the black activists who took the stage.

We (white) Seattle progressive need a “do over” to assert the true progressive values of our city.

Sign the open letter here: bit.ly/SEA4BLM


These values are:

  1. Black lives matter.
  2. There is no place for racism in the progressive movement.
  3. Progressive candidates must earn that title by putting forward concrete proposals on how they will support the liberation of black and brown people if elected.
  4. Black and brown people have the right to demand this of candidates.

To this end I have started an open letter from Seattle progressives to our fellow citizens, affirming the above.  Please sign and then share.  You can find the letter here:

Sign the open letter here: bit.ly/SEA4BLM

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.36.37 AM


image: screenshot of event video from Soaring Moments


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