New Digital Activism Data!

Version 1.0 of the Global Digital Activism Set is now available.

Last month my other initiative, the Digital Activism Research Project, released version 1.0 of the Global Digital Activism Data Set (GDADS), a collection of digital activism cases from around the world, created as an open resource to scholars.  I am finally getting around to posting the announcement here, which seems only fair as GDADS began at the Meta-Activism Project.

The release includes the following resources.  Some are available via email so we can track distribution. All requests will be answered promptly and all materials have a Creative Commons license.

1) Documentation: User’s Manual and Codebook 
Description: Contains project history, data description, methodology notes, variable definitions.
Format: Personal Document File (.pdf)
Access: Download Link

2) Coded Case Studies Spreadsheet
Description: Contains 1,180 cases of digital activism from 151 countries and dependent territories, rangine from 1982 through 2012, coded according to 57 variables.
Format: Excel (.xlsx)
Access: email request to Mary at mjoyce AT uw DOT edu

3) Case Study Sources Spreadsheet
Description: Contains links and citations to the source materials for 1,346 cases of digital activism initially collected for the GDADS project.
Format: Excel (.xlsx)
Access: email request to Mary at mjoyce AT uw DOT edu

If you have any additional questions about the project, please contact Mary Joyce at mjoyce AT uw DOT edu.

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