is a website dedicated to the analysis of activism in the digital age.

It has gone through many permutations.  It started out in 2010 as a research collective, The Meta-Activism Project, with these great folks as collaborators and advisors.  Then, in 2012, I took a time-out to co-found the Digital Activism Research Project at the University of Washington, and worked on that for a year.  During that time, this site was my personal blog.  Now I’m back to focusing on this site as a stand-alone project. It is currently my personal site, but also hopefully more than a blog.  This has also been an iterative process.  The site is now dedicated to evidence-based activism, making activism more scientific, technologies of resistance.  Feedback is welcome!




Background image: photo of LilyPad Arduino customizable and wearable microcontroller design board by Rain Rabbit