Ally to All… Except Assholes

Show that you’re an ally (to everyone except assholes) with’s first piece of official merch.  And – because ally is a verb, not a noun – you’ll have to be an effective and mindful ally when you wear it!  Prices range from $22.99 to $47.99.

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One thought on “Ally to All… Except Assholes

  1. Hello All

    I Would Like To Propose That A Single Organization Be Created To End All Of The World’s Problems

    I just love the work of the Gates Foundation and the many other bodies that seek to bring justice and a dignified existence to many people around the world. though I am very grateful for these efforts I think there is an inherent disjointed quality to several bodies seeking to help differing areas of need. If I may I Would Like To Propose That A Single Organization Be Created To End All Of The World’s Problems. I would also if I may would like to suggest a name which I think would be very fitting for such an organization – *Humanity United*.

    Though I think it would be much easier for a single body to confront the varying issues that plague people at present and will in the future I do not think this is necessary. What is important however is that these scourges are eliminated quickly as possible regardless of the method.

    For the sake of discussion I would like to put forth a couple of promotional tools which are not necessarily specific to my proposed organization entitled *Humanity United*.

    My suggestions are the following:

    -I suggest that every person alive be designated a member of Humanity United which would develop a worldwide connection to this organization, create a sense of worldwide unity and highlight the importance of caring about one another.

    -I suggest a global effort to illustrate the most obvious similarity every person has with one another- that we are all human beings. Thus, as we are all indeed human beings and this designation suggests a sense of compassion every person in existence has a moral obligation to care about one another.

    -I think the best promotional slogan for this organization would be something like, “As the human will can be a very powerful force I ask you to become A Single Link To A Powerful Chain and help the Humanity United movement .”

    -My final suggestion are messages directed toward those of the world’s richest nations which most importantly state it is their moral duty to help the less fortunate and also that they surely desire and need help at times.

    At the very least every person in the world has a serious cause to support this effort which is to ensure not only their own well being but also their loved one’s (of course it is best that support is due to care for other people rather than selfish purposes).

    I realize it is impossible to ever attain the goal of this organization as people will always be mistreated in some way, nevertheless I think it is best to assume the highest standards regarding improving the lives of people.

    In conclusion I must ask whomever might happen to read this message:

    I ask u to become *A Single Link To A Powerful Chain* to rid the world of all its problems.

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