Powerful Videos @ the Allied Media Conference

It’s the end of my first Allied Media Conference and I feel so grateful. My mind has been expanded to greater perception of injustice, and thus greater understanding of how the world needs to change and my role in that process. I am going to leave you with three excellent examples of digital video for social change from today’s sessions:

Egyptian Body Politic: Adaptation of #Tahrir

An animated adaptation of “The Dream” by Alaa Abd El-Fattah, translated by Lina Attalah. Voice narration by VJ Um Amel. (more info:VJ Um Amel,http://vjumamel.com)

It Gets Messy in Here

Trailer from a 30 minute doc by Kai Green challenging gender assumptions and gender identities by delving into the bathroom experiences of masculine identified queer women and transgendered men of color.

Fag Face, or How to Escape Your Face

16-minute film humorously from Queer Technologieschallenging the idea that you can recognize someone’s sexual orientation by seeing their face and then speaking ciritically about how facial monitoring software is used to restrict certain peopl ein society and how they might resist that. (more info:http://www.zachblas.info)

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