Best of MAP 2011: A Few More Great Picks from the Year

With the help of Eric Tyler, I’ve pulled out a few more “Best of” posts from our (last) year of blogging (oops, we’re a few days into 2012, but we’re making this work!):

  1. Will Facebook Delete Sarah Lou’s Account?What happens when activists using pseudonyms are asked (or forced?) to use their real names on social networks?
  2. Complex and Contradictory: A new way to look at Digital ActivismThe effect of digital technology on political contention is neither good nor bad, it is both. Here are a few reasons why.
  3. Cacophony: Why Digital Activism isn’t Helping AmericaIn the wake of the Arab Spring and the use of digital technology in the Middle East,why has digital activism had such a lackluster effect in a democracy like the US?
  4. Malcolm Gladwell’s Still Got it WrongReaction to Malcolm Gladwell’s views on the use and effectiveness of digital technology in activism.
  5. The 7 Ways Digital Tech Helps Activists(Self-explanatory)

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