Can the Word “Slacktivism” be Reclaimed?

Can the word “slacktivism” be reclaimed? Personally, I’d prefer it to die an inglorious death, be replaced in the short-term with less cynical descriptive terms like “small digital action” or “online tactic” and later by a catchier term (that hasn’t been invented yet).

However, some people, like the folks at Sortable who created the graphic below, are trying to reclaim the term. A slacktivist isn’t an ineffective armchair activist. Slacktivism can “build awareness of an issue overnight.” Slacktivists are more likely to donate $ and volunteer (offline, I assume).

Is slacktivism a term that should be reclaimed or is it too “naïve and condescending… misinformed and misleading”, too toxic to use?

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