Disruptions: New Meta-Activism Video Series

I’ve decided to use my spring break to create an interactive activism video series called Disruptions.  Episode #1 is below.  Comments and suggestions welcome!

10-Minute Intro to Digital Activism [Video]

Today I gave a remote talk to an undergrad digital communications class at Loyola University Chicago.  It’s a pretty good intro to digital activism, so I am posting it below.  Thanks to the instructor, Richelle Rogers, who invited me to speak and, as a former journalist, and came up with great topic questions for me.

Sections of the video:

  1. Introducing myself (1:09)
  2. What is digital activism?: An easy definition and an academic one (1:40)
  3. Digital identity on the web and the role it plays in activism?: The online disinhibition effect (2:20)
  4. How digital activism manifests on the internet?: mass self-communication, coordination, evasion (4:54)
  5. Famous cases that made a difference: Egypt’s Arab Spring and Kony 2012 (7:44)
  6. How activism may evolve as the web becomes more accessible: Rise of the mobile net (10:00)

Please be patient with the occasional technical glitches.

#2Q4: What I Want to Know About Digital Civil Society

Lucy Bernholz, founder of the new Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford, has some questions for us about how digital civil society affects our work and what else we’d like to understand about it.  Here’s my answer.

PS: And yes, I got a new hair cut.

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