Communication Strategy for Activists

Is Your Communication Helping Your Cause?

Activists communicate to persuade their audiences to act. Learn if your communication is getting you closer to your social change goal with this easy 7-step checklist.

Know the Basics of Activist Communication Strategy

Here are the basics of strategic communication for activists:

    1. Goal: Know what you want to achieve.
    2. Audience: Know who you need to persuade.
    3. Message: Know the content that will persuade your audience to act.
    4. Media: Know how you will transmit your message.
    5. Resources: Know what you can actually do.
    6. Plan: Know when it will happen and who is responsible.
    7. Evaluation: Know if you closer to your goal.

Review the Full Checklist

And here’s the full checklist.  It will help you evaluate the strength of your current communication work.  It also gives tips about how to get back on track if you are not “on-strategy.”

Ask a Question

To ask questions about communication or another aspect of activism strategy, check out my free video-chat office hours every Friday.  Or you can contact me any time here.

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image: Flickr/Justin Norman

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