smile-crossedMy name is Mary and I am a digital activism consultant.
I help activists and nonprofits around the world make strategic decisions about digital media use.

I am the Co-Founder and former Associate Director of  the Digital Activism Research Project at the University of Washington and am the editor of the 2010 book Digital Activism Decoded.  In 2008 I was New Media Operations Manager for Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

I have given public talks on the topic of digital activism in the United States, Germany, the Philippines, Chile, and Norway and have given trainings in a range of countries, including Jordan, Morocco, India, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Macedonia, and Lithuania.   My work has been supported by the United States Institute of Peace, the National Science Foundation, and the Open Society Foundation.

After studying digital activism for a decade I’ve come to believe that there is no one tool, one issue, or one region that matters most.  These are artificial divisions.  There is one struggle for the dignity of all living things, and it is a struggle that’s fought every day in a thousand different ways.  While my focus is on digital media use, that’s only part of the picture.  Savvy strategists need to creatively consider a range of tools and tactics to achieve social and political change.  I can help in this process.

You can be contact me at marycjoyce AT gmail DOT com, by using the form below, or by my Twitter handle, @MetaActivism.


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