"Digital Activism Decoded" in DC next week

Now that Digital Activism Decoded is officially on sale, we are proud to announce our first book-related event, which will occur next Thursday the 15th at 5:30pm at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC.

The event will critique the current stalemate in digital activism discourse and discuss ways to move the field forward. From the event’s official blurb:

We have been asking the same questions about digital activism for several years now, but do not seem any closer to the answers: Does digital technology give activists or repressive governments the advantage? What are the implications of the changing tools and technologies that underpin it? If cyber-utopians and cyber-pessimists are both overstating their cases, where does the truth lie? What don’t we know about digital activism? … At this event we will dissect the current problems in the way digital activism is discussed and debated and suggest ways to frame the issue for policy makers and move the field forward.

The event will feature two of the book’s authors as well as staff members from the Senate and Department of State:

Featured Speakers
Mary Joyce
Author and Editor, “Digital Activism Decoded”

Robin Lerner
Counsel, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Katharine Kendrick

Internet Freedom, Department of State

Tom Glaisyer
Author, “Digital Activism Decoded”
Knight Media Policy Fellow

You can read the full announcement here , were you can also RSVP. Hope to see you there!

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