Digital Activism Decoded Now Available for Download

Our book, Digital Activism Decoded: The New Mechanics of Change, is now available for download. Please check out our book page for more details. The hard copy version of the book will go on sale on 30 June through Amazon, where you can now pre-order a copy.

5 thoughts on “Digital Activism Decoded Now Available for Download

  1. This book looks fantastic. And its great that you have put it under a creative commons licence.

    As a licence geek I have to point out that your licence information is a bit confusing. It reads: “Copyright © 2010 by International Debate Education Association. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License:” and then is has the CC By NC ND logo.
    Thats not clear, that is a reference to 3 different licences: CC By and CC By-NC, and CC By NC ND.

    I guess its just a proofing error but you need to sort it out.

  2. Hi Andrew – Glad you are excited about the book! The reason that the copyright is confusing is that there are different conditions for commercial and non-commercial distribution. Commercial distribution (sale for profit) is governed by a traditional copyright while non-commercial (free) distribution is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution license. This allows iDebate Press to have the exclusive right to make money off the book while still allowing free distribution on a non-profit basis. A good arrangement IMHO 🙂

    Mary Joyce
    Editor, “Digital Activism Decoded”

  3. Hi Mary

    Now I am worried that perhaps you don’t actually understand the CC licences. The Creative Commons Attribution licence will allow commercial use by anyone including other people who could make their own all rights reserved version.

    If you want to allow non commercial use then the correct licence is Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial. You have the correct URL for that licence, but you have the wrong logo and you are specifying the wrong licence.

    Regardless of which licence you want to use, whether Creative Commons Attribution, or Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial you can’t use the name of one, and then use the URL of another and the logo for a third.

    It would be a pity for a project like this if someone used the work in a way that you don’t want and then could successfully use the confusion about the licences as a defense.

  4. I am very interested in this subject. Freedom may depend on the efforts to publish digital information by those which value freedom for all

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