Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Activism Campaigns

Here’s a first draft of metrics for measuring the effectiveness of digital activism campaigns.  Feedback welcome.  Direct download here (PDF).

2 thoughts on “Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Activism Campaigns

  1. Thank you for this chart. I think it’s useful and I plan to suggest we use it in our next evaluations.

    My experience is that frequently (digital) campaigns are not properly evaluated. Unless there’s a positive outcome, people tend to avoid being involved in a negative evaluation.

    More than a tool that gives (just) a score, it would be great to have something that would challenge teams into finding the reasons for the fail.

  2. Osvaldo, I completely agree with you. Please tell me any feedback you get from trying to use the tool. This is actually part of a larger study on what causes these different outcomes. First I am developing a means to measure outcomes, then I will link them back to the contributing factors.

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