Global Digital Activism Data Set: Infographics Omnibus

Note: In the interest of open research, we are sharing infographics of our in-process project, the Global Digital Activism Data Set (GDADS). We hope that this transparency will elicit original perspectives and constructive critique. Previous posts here and here and here interpret these visualizations in detail, but I thought it might also be useful to bring them together in one post. To view them all on the Many Eyes site, click here.

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To me the map below is the most interesting infographic, despite the horrible beige color scheme. It show the distributions of the GDADS cases, which cover over 140 countries, demonstrating not only that digital activism is a truly global phenomenon, but also the excellent coverage of the GDADS.This visualization, also of geographic data, is probably the prettiest. It shows which countries in the GDADS have the most cases. A range of political, economic, and technological contexts are represented.

A word cloud of the GDADS case titles. Though the great variety of case types is obscured, the over-arching themes are evident.The richest GDADS sources, those which gave us information on seven or more cases: new media sources like Global Voices, Tactical Tech, and Wikipedia provided better coverage and information than academic journals, books, or legacy news reports.

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