Activism: Any activity in which you use your actual power within a system to bring about social or political change, regardless of the power you are are designed to have.  (Using the power you do have, not the power you are supposed to have).

Activist: Any individual who engages in activities in which they use their actual power to alter an injustice, regardless of the power they are designed to have within that system.

Campaign: A ”highly energized, intensely focused, … stream of activity with specific goals”(*) composed of multiple tactics.

Digital Activism:  The practice of using digital technology to bring about political and social change.

Digital Activist: An individual who uses digital technology to augment their power to bring about social or political change.

Strategy: A plan for how you will achieve a goal by moving through the causal steps of your theory of change.

Task: An piece of work required to carry out a tactic.

Tactic: An activity that often uses public symbolism and/or collective action and is designed to cause a change required by your theory of change, as laid out in your strategy.

Theory of Change: A series of causal steps between the present and a longterm goal.

Power:  Ability to compel a person or group to do something they would not otherwise do.

Protest: A tactic that uses collective public symbolism to oppose a current injustice.

Protester:  A type of activist who participates in tactics that oppose (protest) a current injustice.   Protest is an act of rebellion.

Rebellion:  Activities opposing a present injustice.

Revolution:  Activities creating a just future.

Riot:  An collective public act of rebellion that involves some type of violence, most often the destruction of property.

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