Digital Activism Strategy (Multi-Day)

Here are some photos from a media advocacy training I led in Macedonia a couple of weeks ago for NGOs that defend Roma health rights.  The training was funded by the Open Society Foundations.  The agenda here (.doc format).

Describing the importance of influence in identifying useful allies: both the activist’s influence on the ally and the ally’s influence on the persuasion target are important.

Developing an advocacy plan by filling in tasks beneath supporting goals.

Interviewing local new media entrepreneur and blogger Darko Buldioski. I like to bring in local expertise whenever possible.

This is a media choice diagram I use frequently in trainings. The example on this one shows an analysis of media options for reaching young Roma women who need information on prenatal health.

Taking advantage of the sunshine while doing a group exercise on audience motivation. What principles and interests might motivate a government minister to be more receptive to Roma concerns?

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