Top Meta-Activism Project Posts from 2010

This year has been a good one for us: we started in January, began work on our Global Digital Activism Data Set (GDADS), formed a great Advisory Board, and launched our book, Digital Activism Decoded.

We thought we’d end the year with a list of some of our top-read posts, hope you enjoy, and thanks for joining us on the ride so far! Here’s to an even more successful 2011.

The Good Points of Digital Activism (12 July 2010) – A good review of Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus, Mary draws out some of the main points highlighted in the book as they pertain to digital activism.

From our Book: Tactical vs Strategic Success (14 July 2010) – The summary of Dave Karpf’s chapter in Digital Activism Decoded, discussing the difference between tactical and strategic success in digital campaigns.

Information and Power (27 March 2010) – David makes an argument for looking at digital activism as a new mode of power-creation and power-sharing.

Digital Activism in Context in the Middle East (26 May 2010) – A quick synopsis of a video thesis by Carmel Delshad of the University of South Florida on digital activism in the Middle East.

From our Book: How Digital Activism Empowers Existing Elites (19 May 2010) – The summary of a chapter on the digital divide, from Digital Activism Decoded.

Why Digital Activism Matters (24 April 2010) – A call for the dissemination of power amongst the world’s citizens, and a narrowing of the power gap that currently exists in many parts of the world.

History Repeating: Wikileaks and the Pentagon Papers (28 July 2010) – A great set of parallels drawn between the wikileaks occurrences and the Pentagon Papers leak of 1971.

Clicktivism, Schmicktivism. Move on, literally (17 August 2010) – I drew a parallel between the Clicktivism debate that became popular this year and my experiences in social media marketing.

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