NYC Book Event on Tuesday

Last night’s panel at the New America Foundation in Washington went really well. The panel was an excellent mix of perspectives from the executive and legislative arms of the federal government with on-the-ground experience Skyped in from Kenya. The video of the event is available online if you missed the original.

Next week there will be another book event, this time in New York hosted by Not an Alternative at the wonderful Change You Want to See Gallery in Brooklyn. The New York event will be more informal and will also feature more of the book’s contributors: Mary Joyce, Brannon Cullum, Sem DeVillart, Brian Waniewski, Dan Schultz, and Dave Karpf.

Event: Decoding Digital Activism – Jam Session
Time: 7:30pm
Date: Tuesday, July 20
Location: Change You Want to See Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Directions: 84 Havemeyer St. (Map / Subway: L to Bedford, J to Marcy, G to Metropolitan)

Motivating Question: We know more and more about digital activism with each new example of digital “people power”, yet we understand very little about the fundamentals of this phenomenon. We have been asking the same questions about digital activism’s effect on political power around the world, yet we remained locked in the same un-winnable debates between optimists and pessimists, each armed with their own anecdotes. How can we as activists, practitioners, and citizens move the discourse of digital activism forward?

The book, Digital Activism Decoded, is available for sale in hard copy through Amazon and for free PDF download at

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