Online and Offline in Ferguson

The screenshot below is a rich commentary on digital activism.

It shows medias blending. A paper sign in Ferguson, depicting a Twitter hashtag, is digitally photographed, posted to Twitter, then posted to Tumblr where additional commentary is made.

It also shows how the barrier between online and offline activism is blurring as digital artifacts of offline tactics become easier to create and share across digital platforms.

The comment below the image is also a reminder that, just like any other kind of activism, digital activism is only necessary when conventional methods of addressing injustice fail. “[I]nternet campaigns calling for justice” are only necessary for those whom the existing system does not serve.

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 10.12.59 AM

2 thoughts on “Online and Offline in Ferguson

  1. This picture was taken at a rally for Ferguson at Howard University in Washington, DC. The person in the photo is Karega Bailey. The phrase comes from a poem in honor his older brother, Kareem Johnson, a 34 year old educator who was gunned down in June 2014. It is amazing to see this photo as an instrument to teach the world.

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