Real Digital Power: Tim Pool

I was a panelist for Newsweek/Daily Beast’s recentDigital Power Index. Though the Revolutionaries group was more representative of nationality, ethnicity, and gender than the rest of the list, I’d like to share my original list of 10 nominees, and also take an opportunity to highlight some of the world’s best digital activists.

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7) Tim Pool

If the Occupy Movement had a Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow, it would be Tim Pool. Using a smartphone and external battery Tim has become the movement’s unofficial broadcaster, and is one of the world’s more effective and innovative citizen journalists. He self-broadcasts at TimcastTVand his coverage ofOccupy has been carried and syndicated by mainstream outlets such as NBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, and TIME.

Tim’s method of journalism is not only successful, but also innovative. He employs a live-chat stream in his reporting, which allows the viewing public to ask questions, which he can respond to live.He also lets his viewers play producer, directing him on where and when to go and where to point his camera. He’s telling a 21st century story in a 21st century way: engaged, interactive, and innovative.

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