The Problem with Change-Making and Privilege

Nothing much is going to change in this world so long as the change-makers are middle class white people like me living in high income countries.  For us world-changing is a career choice, an ethical vacation opportunity.  At worst it is pure narcissism, a form of moral masturbation.  It is not a daily struggle for dignity or survival.

For we the privileged change-making is a matter of preference, not a matter of necessity, and for that reason it can never go far enough.

ETA (April 29): I should clarify that I do not believe that privileged people are the only change-makers.  I mean to say that privileged people have the greatest access to change-making resources, both in terms of financial resources from private donors and governments and access to technological resources, in terms of access to tools and ability to acquire the skills needed to use those tools effectively.

As long as the privileged absorb the majority of resources meant to empower and aid the less privileged, current inequalities will remain.

image: Flickr/mothersfightingforothers

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