How can digital technology help activists? Often, the options seem limitless. Ranging from public crowdsourcing in the wake of disasters to grassroots human rights campaigns with global scope, activism is evolving as is the landscape against which it is set.

Is this just the time for new tools and new methods to achieve the same goal, or is there something entirely new happening?

At a recent webinar for the International Center on Non-violent Conflict, Mary Joyce, founder of the Meta-Activism Project, discusses the role of digital activism in the Egyptian revolution.

More information does not imply more knowledge or better strategy.Stressing on the importance of process, Mary says that we are at the beginning of creating knowledge for digital activism. The elements of digital technology useful to activists, in the context of the revolutions in Egypt are explored in detail.

Posted by:Nikila Srinivasan

One thought on “The 7 Activist Uses of Digital Tech: A Webinar on the Case of Popular Resistance in Egypt

  1. Hi Mary

    I found this incredibly helpful for my current research. I just wanted to ask where I can read more
    on these 7 uses (as a conceptual framework)?

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